The Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission website is built on WordPress. It uses a custom theme we developed here at Greenwood Online, and has some interesting functionality – such as the rotating images that fill the top of the page, and the accordion expand-on-mouse-hover menu along the left side of the page.

We learned a few new things in the course of working on this project, such as how to eliminate borders around text links when they’re clicked upon, and how to wrap HTML text around an image.

And, we enjoyed the opportunity to use a custom get_posts query for the next post where post_status=future, in order to display the next Commission meeting date in the sidebar (and have it go away after the date passes, and display the next one). Neat stuff!

For the sake of preserving yet another piece of Grand Forks history, here is a screenshot of what the previous version of the website looked like before we put up the new design!

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