Social Media Marketing Management

Social Media Marketing Services to Connect with Your Audience

Post Content

Generate up to 25 posts per month for your page!

Interact with Visitors

We’ll interact with your visitors throughout the week!

Custom Graphics

Custom designed graphics for your social media posts and advertisements.

Analyze Results

Monthly reporting, analytics and goal setting.

Social media marketing and profile management can quickly become a lot of work for one person! If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend on building your social media image, yet still be able to raise yoru business awareness online, let us help you!

Greenwood Online has partnered with 213 Media to provide comprehensive social media consulting services at affordable prices that will develop, protect and grow your online brand and marketing efforts.

  • Build your online image Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Maybe your pages need some serious attention?
  • Bring more customers to your business Everybody and their mother is on their phones! Bring some of them to your business pages.
  • Engage your customers It’s a social world. Be social!

At Greenwood Online, we help you present your best self on social media, and we work with you to deliver the right message to the right customers for your business.

Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Website Need


  • 12 Posts / Month


  • 20 Posts / Month


  • 25 Posts / Month
We provide excellent SEO services to customers around the region and across the globe.


Where are you now? How do you rank? What’s your website content like? Who and where are your competitors?

We help you position yourself for the forward path.

Targeting & Configurations

Optimize your website and develop a proper list of keywords to pursue, and formulate a strategy and a plan for action.

On-going development of content and active improvement of search ranking factors.

Rank Improvement

Building and optimizing content, building links, expanding and honing keyword lists, and an assortment of other online activities aimed at improving a desired SEO result.