The Grand Forks Public Health Department’s Mosquito Control Program provides an invaluable service to our community, keeping us free from those pesky buggers in summer, and more importantly keeping us free from mosquito-borne West Nile Virus.

The Program’s staff needed a better way to manage the website they were maintaining with Microsoft FrontPage, which was often cumbersome and difficult to understand when simply making basic updates and postings. We knew WordPress was the answer, with its easy-to-operate admin panel, and greater layout control features. We brought all the website content over, helped clean up the navigation menu, and brought the Mosquito Control staff up to speed on how to use their new website.

We also created a new logo featuring a really big, ugly mosquito, and developed a custom website design theme. The website features the Program’s “Trap Count”, showing a measure of mosquito population numbers around the city.